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About Project

Nanobiotechnologies and biosensor for biointeraction studies - openning up the modern technology to researchers in biology

Project no.: CZ.1.07/2.3.00/09.0167

Realized at: Masaryk University

The project is focused on presentation of nanobiotechnologies and biosensor-based methods or biomolecular interactions to researchers from biological and biomedical fields. Participation of the target group on the proposed educational activities will provide information about the highly progressive “nano“techniques oriented to the problems from the life science area. In this way, the barrier existing between biologically educated experts and the complicated physical background of all nanosciences will be overcome. Similarly, the relatively complex instrumentation for nanoscaled imaging of biological objects (tissues, cells and biomolecules) and studies of biointeractions will be introduced to biologists in a user-friendly and simplified way: educational website, summer school courses, presentation of typical experiments (scanning probe microscopy, real-time biointeractions) and even guided solution of model biological problems proposed by the participants.

The focus of activities is oriented also to researchers from numerous biotechnology-oriented companies from the South-Moravian region. This rather broad task will be accompanied by training of members of the Laboratory of Biosensors and Nanobiotechnologies, existing at the Department of Biochemistry and National Center for Biomolecular Research (Faculty of Science at Masaryk University), including researchers and both undergraduate and graduate students. Active participation at scientific conferences, training courses and short placements in internationally recognised nanobiotechnology-oriented research centres will promote their interest in research work and it will help to transfer know-how to our Laboratory. The best students will continue at higher-levels of studies, start own research carrier and apply the acquired knowledge in biotechnology industry, health care centres or even for starting own innovative companies.

This project is funded by the European Social Fund and national budget of the Czech Republic.

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